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Lean Green!

Did you know there’s a shop in Springfield where they’ll recycle hearing aid batteries?  Or spots all over town where you can recharge an electric car? Or terrific local restaurants that serve food grown on local farms?

You might know about some of these amazing “green” resources but until now there was no easy way to find out about every “green” service, feature and park in Springfield.  

Now the Sustain Springfield Green Map brings all things green together in a single, easy-to-use online site.

Whether you want to bike our beautiful trails, recycle your recyclables, or just support the cause of environmental stewardship, let the Sustain Springfield Green Map be your guide.

GIS (geographic information system) is a powerful tool that finds a home in almost every discipline around the globe and millions of decisions are powered by GIS every day. In addition to being a great tool for mapping all things green, this ongoing partnership between the Urban Action Network and LLCC’s GIS program helps students apply their skills learned in-class to hands-on, local projects and problem-solving.  It also helps to showcase Springfield as remarkably “green” for a city of its size.

The Sustain Springfield Green Map is a project of the Urban Action Network which provides direction and operational support. The initial map was created by Jordan Lahey, an LLCC GIS student at the time. The Map is hosted by LLCC under the guidance of Geography Professor, Dean Butzow and is maintained as an in-kind service by LLCC GIS Instructor, Rey deCastro. The project was originally supported with a seed grant from the Dominican Sisters of Springfield.

You can help support this project by sharing information about the Sustain Springfield Green Map throughout your networks.  For more information, contact Wynne Coplea, Map Project Coordinator for the Urban Action Network. 


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