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Local Decisions, Personal Service

There are several advantages to using a local bank. At Warren-Boynton our tagline is “Local Decisions, Personal Service” because we are committed to community banking.

Here's why you should consider using a local bank.

Lower costs Local banks offer similar services as national institutions, but fees and rates are often less than their larger counterparts.  

Economic growth

Local banks contribute significantly to the local economy, not only do they provide business loans and cash management solutions to independent businesses like Local First Springfield members, but they also support not-for-profits in the area. Supporting these businesses means employment opportunities for your next-door neighbor or the parent of your daughter’s best friend, for example.


If you bank locally it’s likely there’s a branch not far from your place of business. You probably know the staff, attend customer events, and have other accounts there. It makes life as a business owner easier when you have everything you need within reach. Also, the online tools offered mean you can manage your finances from your store, office, or in the field. In addition to internet banking and internet bill payment services, local banks often offer business customers commercial cash management services.


It’s likely that if you bank locally the bank manager knows you by your first name, how many kids you have, and their ages. This is big. You want to be treated as you would treat your customers.


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