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Masco Packaging & Industrial Supply is now stocking the Buckeye Eco Proportioning System

Your business can achieve the best overall value for each dollar spent with the fully integrated Buckeye Eco® Proportioning Program, designed and manufactured with proprietary technology. Effective, safer, economically and ecologically friendly chemistry; hermetically sealed, flexible and sustainable packaging; together with a simplistic approach to proportioning to protect and preserve your environment.

Why Choose the Buckeye Eco® Proportioning Program?

The answer is simple – the Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program provides overall value and convenience. The Buckeye Eco proportioning system, packaging, and chemistry are economical, ecologically friendly, reliable, simple to use, and designed for your facility to achieve maximum return on your investment. And you can customize your Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program according to your facility’s needs. Consider space availability, how many products you will dilute, cost, and whether or not your products need additional security when choosing what will go into your program.

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Contact Jeff Dillman at (217) 744-0339


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