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Why Buy Local? Join us Jan 31st to Learn More!

Supporting local businesses is about more than just a movement to support our neighbors and friends. Buying local is a boost to our economy: when you spend $100 at a national chain, $13 of those dollars stay in our economy, typically in the form of wages. When you spend $100 at a local business, $68 of it stays local. In addition to wages paid, local business owners bank and invest locally, support local charities, and purchase goods and services locally.

Our mission at Local First Springfield is to "provide consumer education on decisions that affect independent businesses and to encourage spending with local independent businesses in and around Springfield Illinois and Sangamon County."

A thriving local business community also contributes to the community by creating a diverse atmosphere and experience for area residents and visitors alike. Local boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses make our community what it is…visitors who come to our town for business or pleasure tend to gravitate towards those unique places that they can’t visit in our towns. And residents who move away don’t miss the big-box stores and chain restaurants…they miss the local establishments that they can’t find replacements for in their new town.

For Cindy Davis, our current Board President and owner of local business Resource One Office, buying local is integral to how they run their business. She says that the impact of buying local is what "speaks to the heart of why I accepted the nomination to be president of the board. What is worse than receiving a chair or a desk in pieces and being expected to put it together yourself?"

She goes on to say, "When you buy local you receive our TLC when it comes to future service issues as well. This keeps our tax dollars local, and shows that we care about our neighbors. Many of Resource One’s clients are local and we love to show our handiwork, we so appreciate it when local firms trust us to supply the end result they expected."

Businesses and consumers alike are encouraged to join the Buy Local Movement and can support local businesses by joining our organization! Members and people who are interested in membership should join us on January 31st at 5:00 at Arizona Tile for our New Member Drive and Reception! The event is free, and open to the public! We hope to see you there! Please let us know if you plan to attend.


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