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Marketing for your Small Business in a Digital World

Marketing your small business can be tricky when working with a limited budget. The internet has changed everything and leaves us small local businesses competing against giant companies for a chance to be seen online. Sure, you can waste a lot of time and money trying to compete in the global marketplace, or you can get smart and tackle your local marketing first.

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you boost your presence in your community and get new customers in the door.

Start with local SEO

Local SEO is the cornerstone of any local retail strategy. Consumers are using search engines to find and buy from local businesses. Having a local listing is key to consumers finding you. Being present on social media, local websites, and review sites will indicate to the search engines that you’re a local business and help improve your local signal to increase your local SEO.

Tips for Local Search Engine Optimization

Make your website user & mobile friendly

- Having a user-friendly AND mobile-friendly website tells consumers that you are serious about your product and what you can offer them.

- Make it easy to navigate, simple and straightforward.

Set up local review sites

- Get listed on Google my Business by heading to to submit your business.

- Claim and fill out your Yelp, Yellow Pages and BBB profiles.

- Fill out your profile with a detailed description, high-resolution photos.

- Add your hours and update them for the upcoming holidays.

Build a local social media following

- Demonstrate a connection in your community by sharing photos and videos of your brand at local events and fundraisers.

- Have contests for prizes that your followers will appreciate.

- Host an event that invites people into your business to see what you’re about.

It’s easy to look at what the big dogs in your industry are doing and hope to mimic it, but what works for them, doesn’t always work for you. Local marketing helps small businesses work to their strengths and do more, with less.


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