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What makes a company tick?

What makes a company tick? Plain and simple, people, right? Scott Germeraad of Springfield Electric, great-grandson to the founder of the company, William Robert Schnirring, tells us about one employee that helps make the business of 88 years run like clockwork.

Lisa Hammons is the executive assistant to the CEO at Springfield Electric, but she also supports the rest of the executive team, two executive chairmen, chairman of the board, Springfield Electric’s president, CFO, three regional vice presidents and branch managers across 19 locations.

Lisa’s day-to-day tasks include planning and managing all executive and company meetings, travel, and organizing our associate events such as associate appreciation day, the annual company picnic, our Thanksgiving feast, and our Christmas party.

Lisa is often described as the “go-to person” of the company. “I’ve not had many jobs in my life, but I feel like with each one I learned more and more to be able to better myself every time,” said Lisa. “I count myself as very blessed to have been able to get on with Springfield Electric – a lot of people say certain things have changed their lives – being hired by this company was the main thing that changed my life.”

Lisa’s professionalism speaks for itself; I am confident that she has the passion of what this company stands for as much as my late great-grandfather and grandfather. When Lisa started at Springfield Electric my now late grandfather, William Richard Schnirring, was chairman at the time, so she worked for him up until he retired a few years ago. He taught all of us that we are blessed with what we have and that we should give back to the community.

Lisa said, “We want to make sure we carry on what he started - he left a legacy for us, I am honored to have been able to work with and learn from him, and I want to make sure that his commitment to the community continues.”

Lisa is a great champion for community outreach, and I am certain she will continue my grandfather’s legacy in encouraging others in our company to support those most in need.

Lisa is a great leader; she may not think of herself as one, but she is. She is empathetic, shows appreciation, and never expects anyone to do anything she isn’t willing to do herself.

She is one great example of many associates that make our company tick.

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